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Art and Crafts

We use every available resource to research your possessions and price items to maximize your financial return and help you clear out your estate.

Furniture and Decor

We professionally stage and advertise your sale to attract the most potential buyers and to encourage purchases.

Collectibles and Antiques

With decades of experience buying and selling, we know the markets for your rare and unusual items, from books to toys, ceramics to crystal, and more.

Do You Need an Estate Sale?

Estate sales can be scary, and Lolly & Pop’s Custom Estate Sales can help you through this difficult time. Jody and Jeff Liebmann will meet with you and answer any questions you have, such as:

Is an estate sale my best solution?

What is involved organizing an estate sale?

What does it take to make an estate sale successful?

Whatever your individual needs and priorities, Jody and Jeff will offer you advice and help you achieve your goals while maximizing your financial returns.

What Services Do We Offer You?

First, we meet with you and review your estate. We determine if an estate sale is a viable route for you and discuss options available to you. If we agree that a Lolly & Pop's custom estate sale is the best option for you, we sign a contract and get to work!

We research and price each item. We determine the market value using our knowledge and a wide array of resources

  • display your items attractively;

  • advertise your sale effectively;

  • run all aspects of the sale days; and

  • send you a cashier's check within a week.

Our commission (typically 35% or $1,500, whichever is larger) covers all of your costs, including advertising. Additional services, such as general cleaning and disposal/clean out, can be negotiated when we sign the contract.

Who Are We?

Lolly and Pop’s Custom Estate Sales, LLC. helps you through the challenging task of selling cherished possessions and reducing clutter. We conduct estate sales in metro Detroit and surrounding communities. Jeff and Jody Liebmann’s detailed knowledge will generate more money for you.

Jody worked for social service agencies and Jeff is a retired minister, so we understand the emotional strain of major life changes. After you engage us to conduct your estate sale, we will organize and appraise your possessions. We price items based on our extensive knowledge of the market value or everything from antiques and collectibles, to clothing and jewelry, to appliances and tools. Our experienced staff will organize your items in a professional manner while respecting your privacy and your property. We will then stage the space to best showcase your possessions and attract the most customers. And we will manage everything on the days of the sale, while preserving your privacy…and your sanity!

Our number one goal is to help you navigate this process with as little anxiety as possible. We are happy to come out and give you a free, no obligation consultation and to answer all your questions in person. We will work with you to custom design a high-quality estate sale that meets your goals.

We take your disarray...

...and turn it into display.

We turn the messy places...

...into organized showcases.

What Makes Us Unique?

We devote our energies completely to our clients. Our company is our primary source of income. So, when we sign a contract with you, your sale is our top priority until it is completed.

We research every item carefully so that we return to you a fair share of the true market value of an item. Some estate sale companies price items for quick sale without taking the time to determine their full potential value. We have particular expertise with vintage and collectible items, such as books and records, artwork, dinnerware, clothing, jewelry, and uncommon hobbies and pursuits. We follow the markets and research sales trends in order to charge the appropriate amount for every one of your possessions.

Our first goal is to maximize your returns. Some estate sale companies have warehouses and resale stores. We feel this opens the door for a conflict of interest between the client and the company. A company is less motivated to sell your items during a sale if they know they will get those items to resell.

We believe workers should earn a Living Wage. Therefore, we pay our workers $15/hour and do everything we can do to enhance their satisfaction and happiness. We believe that happy and properly compensated workers provide our clients the best service and represent our company well.

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